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Hello from Mexico City! I have some additional color on the bizarre nightlife recs.

Cecconi's bar is at a mall. I'd never heard of it before. It's out of the way for most first-time visitors, who would not stay around this area.

Primer Nivel seems to now be called Señor Grill and is across the street from El Almacén. It's a grill and live music venue. I'd be hesitant to go there security-wise based on what it looks like from the outside. I definitely would not send any foreign tourists there! The recommendation has to be based on its one TripAdvisor review from 2014.

El Marra is the nickname of long-standing Marrakech Salon. It's also a gay bar!! It's a lot of fun, but it also often has naked male strippers. Would be good to know.

Guadalajara de Noche, as you say, is accurate, but is overshadowed by its larger, more storied, way more popular neighbor Salón Tenampa.

This was fun. Thanks for your article.

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The first one is debatable as there is actually a corded version of that vacuum cleaner which has a 16 foot power cord…


I think the majority of people realize that these AI models still have a number of limitations today. Users beware.

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The example of the Ikea loveseat is completely wrong, for several reasons.

It is comparing volume, not linear dimensions. It uses the assembled dimensions, not the flat pack dimensions. It does not know that Ikea sells flatpack rather than assembled furniture.

You can get up to 4 flatpacks of this particular couch in the back of this Honda Odyssey. It would weigh 400+ lbs.

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Hello, the article you posted is completely plagiarized from our blog published 4 hours before it. As academic researchers, we sincerely hope that you'll respect our intellectual property. https://medium.com/@chiayewken/mistakes-of-microsofts-new-bing-can-chatgpt-like-generative-models-guarantee-factual-accuracy-5ec82a7453f4

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It's fine. We have a looo00ooong way to go.

Unfortunately due to this AI-race.

We don't have much time to finish this race, hence the haste.

But this haste is good, I have observed planet changing dicoveries amidst most chaotic races, again and again in history.

Maybe the fact that AI generates its own data is step 1 to AI-consiousness, or something even big. Who can tell???

Let's all be patient. Let's all be curious.

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The best part of this AI nonsense that has taken over the internet is that all the lemmings are rushing to defend the AI against any criticisms even when presented with the evidence of its failings. On the one hand many people are saying this is eventually going to automate many white collar workers out of a job and will soon replace internet search, but we have already easily proven that no one can trust its words. These AI are incapable of separating fact from fiction and could be used to spread misinformation to those who buy into the hype. I think it reeks of desperation that Bing has raced to implement this feature. They know how unreliable it is, but they are desperate to capture some of the 100 million ChatGPT users over to Bing.

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It will just serve to remind us all that the world is full of Fuzzers. None but the primary sources can be trusted.

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fake til you make it, aparetenly bing knows if you say something with confidence people will believe it

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I liked that it generated a quiz where the right answer was A) every time. Somewhere there's a:

// TODO Randomize answer order

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I was playing with ChatGPT via API and it makes stuff app so you would need to always fact check it's output for truth.

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Dimitri, excellent work!

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Quick note — I think you have a small typo here:

The operating margin including impairment is 4.6% and excluding impairment is 3.9%.

^^ need to flip the words including and excluding.

This example made me think about the importance of human coding in AI. The genius of google search is that it uses human eyeballs + a lotttt of other data to code which websites are best. What is the equivalent, scalable check on large language models?

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Remember how Bill Gates famously said, "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."

This is the reason why we were stuck with years of blue screens of death and other shitty MS crapware. This is what hiring lazy people will do. Some things never change.

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