Good read. I put this article in our newsletter.

Memo to myself: https://share.glasp.co/kei/?p=LiNgUqueG2NoK2o5m3QZ

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They really underserve blogs. There used to be a specific search field for blogs and they actually got rid of it. Unfortunate since decent blogs are really pretty high-content content. I almost wonder if that is why they did it. Blogs are also dying, perhaps for other reasons (e.g. Twitter, which sucks, but oh well). But I wonder if Google had a role.

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Thanks, I've enjoyed your analysis.

Why did the web directories fail? Just easier to search than to browse? Could we automate the construction of directories by clustering and classifying a search database? What might that look like? There's also the question of centralized vs decentralized.

So much innovation could happen here. Just hard to compete with "free".

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