I completely agree, and it is stupefying to think why Google is not leveraging Video, or Youtube more in their overall search. And for that matter, why business continue to fail at it even when they have deep knowledge and the capacity to showcase the experiences. For me, whether it is top of the funnel or middle of the funnel or bottom of the funnel, video is the perfect medium to pull new and old customers.

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And something else: I agree on this being more authentic because someone else (who might not have any stakes in it) explains what they think about whatever I looked for.

BUT: it still depends a lot on who that person is. Is their judgement or experience meaningful for me, or specifically not?

Like I'm really into books, reading like 50 of them per year, and so, recommendations on Amazon are no good for me, both the ones from "the algorithm" and from other readers. It really depends on who I am and who the other person is, whether their recommendation is useful for me.

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> What’s the distance to the moon? There’s one answer to this, and it’s 238,900 miles.

Actually, no. Since the moon rotates around us in a not perfect circle, distance between Earth and Moon fluctuates between 356,000 and 406,000km (221,200-252,300 miles). Even more complicating is the fact, that the distance grows by about 3,8cm a year.

Just saying, because of the "one answer" part.

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