Utopia = Solar Panels
"I’ve given up on my dream of being a full time artist..."
It shouldn’t be surprising that ChatGPT can play chess. But many have claimed it can’t be done. These people used bad prompts and came to the conclusion…
An optimistic look at the creative potential of generative AI.
TikTok dominates at authenticity.

February 2023

It's good at coming up with plausible but buggy code.
Microsoft knowingly released a broken product for short-term hype

June 2022

The internet is run by adtech right now, and all the biggest companies are thriving on that, and I think the sooner we get out of that, the better. It…
We thought this was wrong. Search is a daily utility that all of us use. There needs to be alternate mechanisms for how we go about it. And so things…

May 2022

Most search engines are not independent search engines, and while they may provide some value, they are qualitatively different from what Brave Search…

April 2022

DuckDuckGo and Bing are not true alternatives – they’re just worse versions of Google. The next Google can’t just be an input box that spits out links…

March 2022

Abstract The websites at the top of Google are not the highest quality websites, but the ones that put the most effort into SEO [1] [2]. There is an…